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Our Performance

Today’s organizational leaders must overcome a myriad of challenges. While many of the challenges remain unchanged through the lifecycle of an organizational entity (e.g., increasing scope and shrinking resources; profitability; regulatory compliance, etc.) the pace and magnitude of business has changed sharply. T. White Parker serves clients in both the public and private sectors and are adept in assisting them navigate these business challenges and risks. Our client base includes organizations providing the following services: financial operations, information technology services, aerospace engineering services, health IT solutions, human capital management, and telecommunications services. 

Additionally, federal agency leaders face similar challenges, with the added element of managing a blended workforce consisting of federal staff and often, several vendors. Budgetary constraints and oversight coupled with regulatory requirements overlays an additional layer of complexity.  T. White Parker supports federal executives and officers with regulatory compliance, strategic planning, oversight, performance management, and project management activities. 

For federal CIOs, we see the dynamic pressures they face and it seems consistent across agencies. The most common being; budget constraints, increased transparency, cyber security threats, legacy system modernization, and the need to address outstanding Office of Inspector General (OIG) and Government Accountability Office (GAO) recommendations. At the same time, there is pressure to demonstrate innovative practices such as DevOps, enhanced mobility applications, and use of data analytics to enhance an agency’s mission. All of this needs to be addressed while providing direction to ensure to efficient steady-state operations. In addition, mandatory reporting requirements have to be met while addressing the intent of the many laws and regulations.

T. White Parker staff has supported federal CIO staff at multiple agencies. The federal CIO roadmap, published by the Federal CIO Council, provides a high-level description of the responsibility areas of federal CIOs. T. White Parker’s CIO support services leverage this roadmap, as it provides a timeline for various activities that federal CIOs oversee. These activities include:

In addition to the federal CIO roadmap, agency CIOs are now required to address FITARA (this is mandatory for federal Financial Act agencies and other agencies are expected to follow). T. White Parker understands the scope of FITARA on the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) in terms of its impact on:

Based on FITARA guidance, we helped one of our clients identify and analyze policy drivers and gaps by conducting its initial self-assessment, identifying areas where current policies and processes did not meet FITARA requirements, and creating an action plan to address these gaps.