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Human Capital Management


Human Capital Management is about the proper alignment and effective management of an organization’s most critical asset—its people. It takes a well-organized mobilized workforce to make mission happen. Our focus on strategy and execution assures our clients that they will not only have solutions to their workforce dilemmas but also have a strategic framework for proactively managing their human capital assets.

Technical Expertise

Organizational Design & Effectiveness

The best organizational intentions mean nothing without the right strategy and organizational structure. T. White Parker offers a range of services from classic organization (re)design to techniques that explore ways to enhance the effectiveness of an organization. We partner with clients to improve efficiency and increase productivity through organizational improvements which could range from tweaks to transformations. We begin with the strategic objective in mind and always finish with a higher performing organization.

Workforce Analysis, Strategy & Planning

The best strategies yield nothing if you do not have the right people in place to execute. Organizations need to assess the resources required to deliver on their mission as well as invest in connecting the people to that mission. Furthermore, management must know the skills, capabilities and potential of its employees before committing to any course of action. T. White Parker works with organizations to identify and develop the hiring processes, reward programs, training and other practices to steer behavior in the direction of organization goals. We devise performance management models to appropriately recognize and incentivize actions that move the organization toward its goals.

Enabling an EEO strategic focus requires stabilizing tactical, quantitative analysis and migrating towards a more continuous progress monitoring program. Management must holistically address the EEO Compliance program by disseminating a unified and consistent EEO message throughout the organization and promoting a proactive EEO program, thus empowering its workforce to achieve its mission. T. White Parker leverages an EEO Maturity Model that offers a clear way to organize EEO operations to ensure the ability to align activities, functions and outputs around a single driving EEO mission. T. White Parker also works with organizations in conducting robust analyses to identify barriers that may limit the available workforce or hinder its growth and then developing governance activities and approaches to proactively monitor trends and implement process modifications to enhance accessibility to opportunities to the full pool of available talent—both internal and external.

Retention & Succession Planning

Organizations must operate effectively despite an ever changing workforce. As organizations plan for the future, management must consider the state and stage of life of the workforce as they visualize and plan for where they will be at any future point in time. What will be the demands of the workforce given trends, new insights and indicators? How will you ensure the next line of managers are prepared? Is there an eminent dilemma that your organization will face? How can you develop and retain your talent to most effectively meet your mission? T. White Parker delivers strategies, benchmarking, and planning support to clients to help them position their organization for growth and business continuity.

Knowledge Management

Your employees’ knowledge and expertise are a valuable asset. Effectively capturing, structuring, and disseminating this knowledge requires an information strategy that identifies organizational knowledge priorities, promotes participation, and operationalizes knowledge capture. T. White Parker enables successful knowledge management initiatives by assisting client in developing and implementing well thought-out strategies and plans that align with the needs and goals of their organization as well as their business strategies and culture. See also: Information Management Services.

Organizational Change Management

Often solutions and changes are introduced without recognizing the power of unifying the people element. Systems and changes fail most often because people only partially embrace and support them. Effective alignment and inclusion of the people resources within an organization can be the most beneficial strategic change an organization ever makes. T. White Parker works with organizations to incorporate change management strategies and approaches in the earliest stages of transition—including ensuring the user perspective is considered in the plan; incorporating the changed behavior in the implementation; proactively communicating the vision for life after the change; and planning the communication of the change—the story, the expectations, and the progress.

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