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Fundamental to the success of any organization or strategic initiative is proper planning, practical execution and proactive performance management. Services within our Business Strategy & Management practice area are rooted in a discipline of purposeful and continuous situational analysis, vision and culture-driven planning, execution, and proactive performance tracking and corrective action. Whether you have a business or program that requires an overhaul, processes that require revisiting or a sensitive initiative that requires strategic communications, T. White Parker brings the strategic thinking and tenacious focus on proper execution to ensure the right result.

Technical Expertise

Strategic Planning & Transformation

Many organizations do well at discovering that a current way of doing business is not yielding the desired outcomes. Organizations also do well at crafting business strategies and plans that are part of well-intended, informative, strategic plans. However, these discoveries and plans often leave the executors with unclear vision and no actionable insight or guidance into what defines success. To obtain the operational value from any form of planning and transformation initiative, the vision must be clear and the approach holistic, continuous, deep reaching, and action-oriented. With T. White Parker, gone are the days of strategic planning and transformation serving as a team building, information sharing, or brainstorming exercise. Our approach enables better enterprise thinking, better planning, and better execution, all in support of doing business better.

Turnaround Management & Support

Enterprises, programs and strategic initiatives on the wrong trajectory require special treatment. Our solution-oriented approach to turnaround combined with our ability to support rapid response requirements enable us to help clients quickly turn potential failures to successes. As a trusted advisor, T. White Parker’s goal is to help manage the corrective actions taken and the strategic communications needed to effectively, quickly, and completely fix problems, resulting in true success.

Business, Program & Operational Studies

Understanding the reality of a situation is key to being successful. Our expertise in conducting enterprise, department, program and industry-level studies is rooted in critical analysis and fact-based findings. We are skilled in conducting in-depth studies and statistical analysis that result in the data and information needed to make informed decisions and choose the right course of action.

Enterprise Governance

Enterprise Governance is the accountability framework responsible for ensuring that there is strategic direction, execution accountability, and performance management. Viewed by many as unnecessary red tape, effective governance will keep an enterprise, program or initiative on track, effective, and compliant. T. White Parker helps our clients develop right-sized governance structures that meet the needs of the mission but are culturally feasible and bureaucratically practical. We minimize the “red tape” and focus on the four essential pillars of governance: (1) the Mission, (2) the Operating Rules, (3) the Process, and (4) the Oversight.

Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is an effective agency-wide approach to addressing the full spectrum of an organization’s risks. ERM informs how the effective prioritization and management of risks that may impact overall mission delivery. T. White Parker leverages risk frameworks and guidance such as, COSO and ISO 31000 to shape our ERM solutions. We combine our knowledge of the standards, experience developing risk matrices, and our organizational improvement and adoption experience to provide robust and tailed ERM programs that can be seamlessly integrated into an agencies current environment. 

Strategic Communications

Strategic Communication is motive-based messaging that is skillfully crafted and delivered to prompt a specific result. As such, the strategic communications process is methodical, intentional, and proactive and involves a synchronization of words, timing, images, and actions. T. White Parker combines our strategy and organizational dynamics expertise to help clients deliver the right messaging to achieve the intended results.

Business Process Development & Improvement

Whether ad hoc, intentional, well-defined, or undefined, business does not exist without process. T. White Parker’s lean approach to business process development and improvement focuses on understanding the intended outcome of the process and the value of the process step. With Lean Six Sigma certified professionals and expertise in a number of business process management approaches, we help clients develop repeatable processes that streamline operations.

Business Operations Support

Many organizations are less effective in meeting their mission because they spend an unnecessary amount of time on necessary activities. Our support for business operations spans an array of technical, programmatic, and support services which often require a wide-range of technical, administrative, or operational skills. T. White Parker expands the capacity and reduces the operational burden of our clients by providing experienced and qualified professionals in an effective support structure that promises timely and accurate service, flexibility, and the capability to effectively handle both day-to-day and rapid response requirements.

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