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Information Technology (IT) exists to increase efficiency. However, many organizations never experience this benefit because they jump too quickly into investing in the latest IT solutions before truly understanding the business requirement for the technology or where the efficiencies are even needed. Allowing IT purchases to preempt a thorough business needs analysis can be a costly mistake resulting in unused technological capability and areas of inefficiency that are left unaddressed.

A business needs analysis should be appropriately scoped such that the level of analysis and alternatives investigated are commensurate with the potential resource outlay. Make the commitment to your organization to perform the due diligence required to identify the need before you authorize the outlay. This decision will save your organization time, money and the frustration of having to deal with the impact of an inappropriate investment.

Technical Expertise

IT Strategic Planning

An effective IT Strategic Plan is business-driven and opportunity-ready. T. White Parker assists organizations by facilitating and being hands-on in the IT planning process from “visioneering” and concept of operations development to enterprise architecture development and IT plan execution and management. We help develop actionable roadmaps that clearly articulate what needs to happen and by when – all within the context of the business value delivered. We ensure that our clients successfully balance IT spending with the critical need to address an ever-changing environment – all while being positioned for operational efficiency and competitive advantage.

IT Governance

IT Governance is responsible for holding IT accountable to the business while also ensuring the achievement of business-focused IT goals. Critical to effective IT governance is selecting the right IT investments, ensuring efficient implementation of IT solutions and then measuring the performance of the solutions after implementation. With trends toward decentralized IT management and cloud-based solutions, it is imperative for organizations to have proper governance in place. T. White Parker delivers the business, IT, and strategic management expertise needed to design, implement and operate an effective, streamlined IT governance framework that delivers value without burden.

Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture is a strategy-oriented discipline which focuses on ensuring alignment between the mission of the business and other components of an enterprise, including IT. A component of IT governance, an organization’s Enterprise Architecture is most successful when it serves as the bridge between business planning and IT planning. T. White Parker professionals have deep expertise and vast experience in all aspects of Enterprise Architecture development and maintenance. With expert-level knowledge of industry frameworks, tools and best practices coupled with our understanding of the organizational challenges associated with Enterprise Architecture programs, we partner with clients to develop actionable Enterprise Architectures that are business-focused and stakeholder supported.

Enterprise Information Security Architecture

Enterprise Information Security Architecture is the practice of applying comprehensive and rigorous analysis methods to an organization’s security processes to ensure their alignment with the organization’s strategic direction. We help clients implement NIST-800-53 compliant methods to bolster their existing security controls leveraging approaches and insights from: the SABSA-TOGAF model, National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE), FEA-SPP, and associated NIST frameworks (e.g., “Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity”) as guidance.

IT Portfolio Planning

IT Portfolio Planning ensures that the collection of an organization’s IT investments, as a whole, aligns with the organization’s mission, goals and objectives. Encompassing Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC) and having touch points to Enterprise Architecture, IT Portfolio Planning is a critical component of IT Governance. T. White Parker helps clients create and manage the performance of IT portfolios effectively, efficiently, and compliantly.

Business & Requirements Analysis & Development

Business and Requirements Analysis and Development focuses on attaining a deep understanding of the business and business needs and translating those needs into functional and technical requirements implementers will understand. Our professionals are skilled in a variety of methods and tools to effectively and efficiently identify, extract and appropriately communicate business and technical requirements. Combining the three key skills to effective business and requirements analysis and development—human dynamics skills, business analysis, and technical writing—T. White Parker professionals stand ready to serve as the translator between business and technical staff.

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