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About T. White Parker

The T. White Parker Difference

Our clients count on us to provide the "T. White Parker Difference", which consists of the following guiding principles: Sharp-Thinking, Sense of Urgency, Focus on the Human Factors, and Peace of Mind.


Sharp-Thinking is the ability to simultaneously bring a broader and deeper perspective to the issue at hand; an ability to balance “big picture” perspective and focus on specific nuances.

T. White Parker consultants look at the world through a “Sharp-Thinking” lens to better understand the forces at play, the actors involved, the root causes, the circumstances in which they operate, and the causal relationships -- the when and the why.

Our consultants expand the aperture of the lens through which they look at a situation or problem. The world, in which we operate, is a complex myriad of facts, problems, dimensions, and perceptions. Our consultants are good at identifying the actors, the scenarios, the next steps – the dots, if you will – and then connecting these dots. Sharp-Thinking and making sense of complex business environments are all about connecting the dots.

T. White Parker consultants connect the dots really well and, since we do, we bring new and fresh perspectives to the obstacle at hand. Sharp-Thinking is key to gaining insight into situations as well as translating these insights into actionable recommendations within the correct time frame.

Sense of Urgency

At T. White Parker, we are concerned not only with providing unparalleled solutions with impeccable customer service, but we also take great pride in delivering everything we do with a heightened Sense of Urgency.

Our clients' concerns are our concerns. We address every component of an engagement with promptness and efficiency without sacrificing the quality and diligence our clients have come to expect from T. White Parker.

Focus on the Human Factors

Analytical problems exist in and of them themselves. Business problems, be they in the public or private sectors, rarely exist in isolation of people. A business problem without a decision-making person attached to it is not a problem.

Many consultants mistakenly treat business obstacles purely as analytical problems; but this is not T. White Parker's approach.

Our consultants pride themselves to unearth and study the delicate elements of the Human Factors.

As the world gets more complex, paying attention to the human actors involved is of paramount significance. Problems exist in a context and the context is best described by the “problem owner”. Eliciting the context and framing the issue at hand requires establishing trust with the problem owner. This in turn calls for empathy to understand the problem from the contextual viewpoint of the client – what decisions need to be made, the actors involved who will determine the desirability of the solution, the people who will embrace the solution, even after we are finished with the engagement.

Our consultants bring a strong sense of empathy to problem-solving and the people-perspective, which is something that we pay close special attention to as “smart-thinkers”.

Peace of Mind

T. White Parker combines Sharp-Thinking with an understanding of the human component to forge successful and lasting relationships. Our talented team possess the business perspective, personal skills, drive, and market experience required to solve the toughest challenges. We embrace industry best practices with a thirst for continuous improvement.

But what truly sets us apart is the human side of T. White Parker. Our people connect on a business and human level; we listen, observe, learn, understand, and ultimately help. These approaches to understanding the human side of business is what fosters and grows our clients’ trust in us as business partners. Our clients know that once we arrive, their problems will be solved.

By combining business best practices with an appreciation of the human factors, we deliver something extra: Peace of Mind.